Several e-mail templates available to help you create your campaign

Upload as many images as you want on your e-mail campaigns. There is no need to start your e-mail from scratch, you can upload or copy and paste your existing model in a few seconds.

Many Statistical Reports

You created and sent a perfect campaign but how many opened your e-mail? With our system you will have not only this information but much more. On Statistics Tab, you will know who opened and when. Check this information through the graphic chart for easy viewing. You can check the opening rates from the last 7 days, 1 month, last year or even a customized period of time.

Simple and easy e-mail composing

Use our integrated e-mail editor to edit your campaigns. You can format texts, insert images, add links and much more. Preview your e-mail before sending from the interface or send a test e-mail to your personal account.

Insert or Import your Contacts

Write your contact's detail manually or import them from Microsoft Excel, Outlook or any CSV file. Create multiple customized fields to store additional details from your contacts, such as address, interests, surname, phone number and much more. After that you can add customized fields to your e-mail campaigns.